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Exploratory Studies (for undecided students)


Here’s a secret: Loads of brilliant students don’t know what they want to major in.
And that’s ok.

Purdue’s Exploratory Studies lets you dive into a world of possibilities. Explore. Research. Find your passion. You’ll have up to four semesters to learn about yourself, select a major and head toward a career that fits you perfectly.

  •   Explore your strengths, interests and skills
  •   Individualized academic and career planning
  •   Smooth transition to major
Interesting things you will do
  •   Take the Myers-Briggs personality test and discover careers that fit your personality type
  •   Research majors and the occupations they lead to
  •   Shadow professionals in careers you’d like to explore
Exploratory Studies (for undecided students) Website
Top 5 in student use of campus career services

What are Purdue graduates doing?

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69.86% are employed, 20.91% are continuing with their education, 3.56% are seeking employment, 1.32% are seeking education, and 4.35% are engaged in other activities.

Average Salary: N/A

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Exploratory Studies Majors

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