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Brain and Behavioral Sciences

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As a major within the Department of Psychological Sciences, behavioral neuroscience (the application of the principles of biology to the study of physiological, genetic, and developmental mechanisms of behavior in humans and animals) serves as the foundation for this program. Brain and Behavioral Sciences offers an overview of many of the sub-fields of psychological sciences, including clinical psychology (mental illness and behavioral problems), cognitive psychology (memory, thinking, and reasoning), developmental psychology (human growth and aging), industrial/organizational psychology (how people work together), social psychology (thoughts and behavior in social situations), learning and motivation, statistics and mathematical models of behavior. 

Brain and Behavioral Sciences students have an opportunity to participate in a research-focused honors program, complete an internship for credit in PSY 49200, and study abroad in multiple countries.

They also have the opportunity to complete an accelerated 5-year Master of Public Health or Applied Behavior Analysis degree.

Brain and Behavioral Sciences offers excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing graduate and professional school - especially neuroscience, neurology, medical school, physician assistant, orthotics and prosthetics, law school, and occupational therapy.

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Plan of Study

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Transfer to Brain and Behavioral Sciences

Purdue admits to individual majors. Transfer students must meet Purdue's overall transfer criteria, as well as any major-specific requirements. Before you apply, check the closed programs page to confirm this major is open to transfer students. If it is, refer to the information below for major-specific transfer criteria.

Minimum GPA: 2.5

Contact Information

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(765) 494-8533

College of Health and Human Sciences

Careers in Brain and Behavioral Sciences

  •   Advertising, marketing, and public relations
  •   Child care and gerontology
  •   College administration
  •   Criminal justice
  •   Government
  •   Graduate or professional school
  •   Human resources
  •   Human services and health care
  •   Management and sales
  •   Medical school
  •   Psychological counseling
  •   Recreation
  •   Research

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