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College of Health and Human Sciences

Big opportunities thrive in the College of Health and Human Sciences. Curb childhood obesity. Protect the environment. Reform health care. Choose from nine academic units with one extraordinary focus — to improve health and quality of life.

Our faculty are trailblazers who lead our world-class programs, research centers and healthcare facilities. Plus, there are heaps of opportunities to take part in internships, study abroad and more than 40 student organizations for health and human sciences undergrads. And if you’re thinking about a future as a doctor, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, chiropractor, dentist or lawyer, the College of Health and Human Sciences is a perfect fit to prepare you for professional school.

Discover the role you are meant to play in the world and get ready to make a difference.

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Making Lives Better

What are Purdue HHS graduates doing?

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62.65% are employed, 25.44% are continuing with their education, 2.35% are seeking employment, 3.38% are seeking education, and 6.18% are engaged in other activities.

Average Salary: $44,862

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The College of Health and Human Sciences is home to future health professionals, educators and business leaders. Here, you can discover healthier ways to eat, exercise, manage finances and navigate relationships. Find better ways to treat and diagnose cancer. Work to improve the environment and the safety of employees. Refine business practices and enhance consumer experience. Uncover new ways to improve memory and prevent diseases. Reach out to inform residents of Indiana and the world about health and wellbeing.

HHS Majors

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