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Since you already know the “T” in “STEM” represents “technology,” bring your innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills to the Polytechnic because this is where Purdue does technology!

As a Purdue Polytechnic student, you’ll learn by doing! Turn your enthusiasm for building, making and learning into hands-on labs, research and class projects that will hone your soft skills, like problem-solving and communication, while improving your critical-thinking abilities. 

You’ll gain deep technical knowledge and applied skills in one of our six academic areas: 

  • Engineering technologies
  • Technology education
  • Computing and graphics
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Technology leadership

Along the way, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of cultural and global perspectives and their impact on business and industry. 

You’ll even be challenged to solve real-world problems for industry sponsors, so don’t be surprised that companies like Amazon, Boeing, Caterpillar, Motorola, Honeywell Aerospace and Rolls-Royce know us well — they come knocking for our big-picture-thinking leaders.

When you graduate with a Purdue University degree after majoring in the Polytechnic, you will be uniquely qualified for a technology-driven career!

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#1 Engineering Technology Enrollment

What are Purdue Polytechnic graduates doing?

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80.23% are employed, 11.7% are continuing with their education, 3.95% are seeking employment, .82% are seeking education, and 3.29% are engaged in other activities.

Average Salary: $63,108

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Polytechnic Majors

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Polytechnic students showcasing the variety of exciting career paths their degree has gained them access to!
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