High School College-Prep Math  

Below are the courses Purdue can and cannot accept toward the admission requirement of 8 semesters (four years) of high school math.

High-school-level coursework that is completed in middle school will count toward the math requirement if the middle school coursework is identified on the applicant's high school transcript or the progression of coursework is apparent on the transcript (e.g., geometry in 9th grade, algebra II in 10th). Grades from courses taken in middle school are not factored into the student's academic core GPA.

Purdue strongly encourages students to take math throughout high school, regardless of middle school courses. Students who exceed minimum course requirements generally are stronger candidates for admission and better prepared for college success.

Although the following lists are comprehensive, we occasionally see math courses with unique names that do not appear below. In these instances, Admissions staff will take the necessary steps to determine the content of the course and evaluate whether it can be used to meet our math requirement. You may contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions about a course that does not appear below.

Purdue does not require that math courses be taken in any particular sequence.

Courses Purdue Accepts for the High School Math Requirement
Courses Purdue Does Not Accept for the High School Math Requirement