Regional Campus Engineering Course Equivalencies  

For students planning to transfer from Purdue-Calumet, IPFW, IUPUI (Indianapolis campus only) or Vincennes University, the institution-specific courses listed below are equivalent to the nine courses required for admission to engineering at Purdue-West Lafayette. Students may use this information as a roadmap for course selection at the respective institutions.

In addition to the course equivalencies provided in the following table, students should be aware of additional institution-specific information below.

Purdue-West Lafayette
Course Requirements
Equivalent Courses
IPFW Equivalent CoursesIUPUI (Indianapolis campus) Equivalent CoursesVincennes
Equivalent Courses
1. Calculus I
(MA 16100 or MA 16500)
MA 16300 MA 16500 MA 16500 MATH 118
2. Calculus II
(MA 16200 or MA 16600)
MA 16400 MA 16600 MA 16600 MATH 119
3. Calculus-based Chemistry I
CHM 11500 CHM 11500 [CHEM C1010 and CHEM C1210] or
[CHEM C1050 and CHEM C1250]
CHEM 105 and CHEM 105L
4. Calculus-based Physics
(PHYS 17200)
PHYS 15200 PHYS 15200 PHYS 15200 PHYS 205
5. Science Elective, choose 5a or 5b:
5a. Calculus-based Chemistry II (CHM 11600) CHM 11600 CHM 11600 [CHEM C1020 and CHEM C1220] or
[CHEM C1060 and CHEM C1260]
CHEM 106 and CHEM 106L
5b. Computer Science Programming ECE 15200 ENGR 22100 or CS 22700 ENGR 19700 and ENGR 29700  
6. English Composition ENGL 10400 ENG W13100 ENG W1310 [ENGL 101 and ENGL 102] or
[ENGL 112]
7. Speech COM 11400 COM 11400 COMM R1100 SPCH 143
8. and 9.:
Transforming Ideas to Innovations I and II
ENGR 13100 and ENGR 13200
ENGR 15100, ENGR 18600, and ENGR 19000 ENGR 10100, ENGR 12100, and ENGR 19900 ENGR 19500 and ENGR 196001 ENGR 131 and CSCI 126

1IUPUI courses ENGR 19500 and ENGR 19600 at IUPUI Indianapolis are considered equivalent to ENGR 10000 and ENGR 12600 at Purdue-West Lafayette. These IUPUI courses also satisfy the Purdue-West Lafayette ENGR 13100 and ENGR 13200 requirements.

Additional Information for Regional Campus Transfers

Purdue-Calumet or IPFW: Applications from students at Purdue-Calumet or IPFW will be treated as if they are Purdue West Lafayette students attempting to switch into an engineering discipline from a major in another academic college or school on Purdue's West Lafayette campus. You may still be considered for engineering disciplines that are listed as closed to transfer applicants (except for biomedical engineering). You MUST use the regional campus transfer application.

Purdue North Central (PNC): A list of equivalencies at PNC is not provided because the campus does not have an equivalent course for ENGR 13100. Without an equivalent for ENGR 13100, students cannot transfer to a specific engineering discipline at Purdue-West Lafayette.

All Purdue Regional Campuses: Articulation agreements between Purdue regional campuses and other universities may not be honored by Purdue-West Lafayette.