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UExcel Excelsior College Exams

Students may earn Purdue credit through EUxcel Exams, proficiency exams administered by Excelsior College.

The computer-based tests are offered at testing centers around the world. The table below details how Purdue awards credit based on EUxcel Exam scores. 

Excelsior Exam Purdue Course Purdue Semester 
Credit Hours
Required Score
ACCX-211 Financial Accounting MGMT 20000 3 C
ACCX-212 Managerial Accounting MGMT 20100 3 C
BIOX-210 Anatomy and Physiology BIOL 20100+BIOL 20200+BIOL 2XXXX* 2+2+2 C
BIOX-220 Microbiology BIOL 2XXXX* 3 C
BIOX-250 Basic Genetics BIOL 2XXXX* 3 C
BUSX-315 Organizational Behavior HTM 21200 3 C
BUSX-350 Principles of Finance HTM 44100 3 C
BUSX-410 Human Resource Management HTM 31200 3 C
CNX-1430 Introduction to Cybersecurity CNIT 2XXXX* 1 C
EDUX-310 Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School EDCI 49000 6 C
ENGX-111 English Composition ENGL 10100 + ENGL 1XXXX* 3+3 C
GEOX-101 Earth Science EAPS 11100 3 C
HISX-340 World Conflicts since 1900 HIST 3XXXX* 3 C
HUMX-310 Bioethics: Philosophical Issues PHIL 27000 3 C
MATX-100 Contemporary Mathematics MA 1XXXX* 3 B
MATX-116 Precalculus Algebra MA 15300 3 B
MATX-150 Calculus MA 16010 3 B
PHIX-101 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 11000 3 C
PHIX-310 Ethics: Theory and Practice PHIL 3XXXX* 3 C
PHYX-120 Weather and Climate EAPS 22100 3 C
PHYX-140 Physics PHYS 1XXXX* 6 C
PSYX-101 Introduction to Psychology PSY 12000 3 C
PSYX-210 Life Span Developmental Psychology HDFS 21000 or PSY 23000 3 C
PSYX-310 Abnormal Psychology PSY 35000 3 C
PSYX-315 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging PSY 36700 3 C
PSYX-325 Social Psychology PSY 24000 3 C
PSYX-365 Research Methods in Psychology PSY 3XXXX* 3 C
SOCX-105 Introduction to Sociology SOC 10000 3 C
SOCX-305 Cultural Diversity HDFS 28000 3 C
SOCX-320 Juvenile Delinquency SOC 42100 3 C
SPAX 102 Spanish Language SPAN 10100 + SPAN 10200 6 C

*Course numbers listed as "#XXXX" transfer as undistributed credit, which means Purdue does not have an equivalent course. Such credit appears on a Purdue student record as credit hours within the respective subject area. You should consult with your Purdue academic advisor to determine how undistributed credit may be used to best meet curriculum requirements within your area of study.

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