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Official Transcripts and High School Equivalency

  • High School Transcripts

    High school students who apply to Purdue self-report their courses and grades on the application. Those who are admitted and accept their admission offer must provide final, official transcripts prior to enrolling. Transcripts must match courses and grades that were reported at the time of application. If they don't, Purdue reserves the right to rescind admission and/or scholarship offers. For fall enrollment, the deadline to provide official transcripts is Aug. 1. For Spring and Summer enrollment, the deadline is 15 days prior to the start of the term.  

    Enrolling homeschooled students also must provide official transcripts with coursework and grades earned.

  • College Transcripts

    Students who have completed coursework at another college or university must provide official transcripts from all institutions attended. College transfer students must provide official transcripts at the time of application. Admitted high school students must provide transcripts prior to Purdue enrollment. High school students with college credit must provide college transcripts regardless of whether the credit also appears on their high school transcript. To be considered for transfer credit, college coursework must be final, graded and provided via an official transcript from the institution where the coursework was taken.
  • Official Transcripts and High School Equivalency

    Purdue will consider applicants who did not receive a high school diploma but have successfully completed an official high school equivalency assessment. However, such applicants must provide transcripts for any completed high school or college-level coursework and still must meet Purdue's high school course expectations. Information about high school equivalency for Indiana residents.

    Applicants who did not complete Purdue's minimum high school coursework can make up any deficiencies through equivalent college-level coursework – at a community college, for example. One semester of college-level coursework (typically 100-level and above) is equivalent to two semesters of high school. Remedial and developmental courses taught at a college are not considered to be college-level.

  • Final Transcripts

    All students who enroll at Purdue are required to provide final, official transcripts for any coursework (high school or college) completed between admission and enrollment. Final high school transcripts must confirm the student has earned his/her high school diploma.

    If a final transcript reflects a significant downward trend in grades, Purdue reserves the right to rescind an offer of admission.

    Purdue also reserves the right to contact any institution that has issued a student transcript to validate the document's authenticity.

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