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Summer Enrollment Next Steps

As a student admitted for the Summer semester, below are your next steps to accept your offer and enroll at Purdue. Click on each step for more detail.

  Purdue University has extended the admission deposit deadline for first-year undergraduates to give students and families more flexibility as they review their admission and financial aid offers. Please see the updated deadlines and next steps below.

Student Career Account 

Set up your career account. In your admission offer “letter”, you will find your Purdue University ID (PUID) number and a career account setup password. You need these two pieces of information and your birthdate to activate your online career account through the account activation website. You will be prompted to set up a Purdue Login (two-factor authentication), which enhances the security of protected computer systems and personal data. For more information about Purdue Login please see this FAQ page.

Once you’re done, use that login information to log into your myPurdue online portal. This portal is where you will conduct all your business with the university from now on. So, bookmark it and get familiar with it!

Purdue Email 

During the account activation process, you’ll also set up your @purdue.edu email account. We’ll be sending important information to this address so get in the habit of checking this inbox regularly.

When you log in to your email for the first time, you'll be prompted to set up Microsoft's Multi-Factor Authentication, a tool Purdue uses to protect users by requiring a second form of authentication, in addition to a password, when signing into Office 365 applications. Options for authentication include using text messages, an audio phone call, or the Microsoft Authenticator App. When you set up the authentication method, be sure to sign up with a device you plan to use on campus. If you need to change your device or want to learn more, see the FAQ's.

Additionally, we recommend not forwarding your @purdue.edu email to your personal email. Emails from important Purdue offices get caught in your personal email spam filters.

If you would like a step-by-step tutorial on how to activate these accounts, you can view one here.

Explore some of our Admitted Student Visit Opportunities designed to give you an idea about what life at Purdue is all about! We have opportunities for campus tours, information sessions, and virutal opportunities for those that can't make it to campus.

Once you are admitted, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid. The FAFSA automatically considers you for all types of need-based financial aid.
  • To apply for scholarships, visit ScholarshipUniverse, located in your application portal. ScholarshipUniverse can be used to find and apply for some college-level and private scholarships.
  • Check out Purdue's Net Price Calculator, designed to help families plan for educational costs. By entering information, users can receive a financial aid package estimate that includes an estimated "net price" figure (estimated costs of attendance minus your anticipated need-based scholarship & grant aid).
  • Please note, in general, international undergraduate students are not eligible for financial aid and scholarships.

Students interested in on-campus housing in University Residences should visit the housing website for information about availability and contracting. Visit the off-campus housing website for information about area rental properties.

West Lafayette Admits

The on-campus housing contract is available via myPurdue to students who have accepted their offer of admission.

The priority application deadline to request roommates and submit housing accommodation requests to the Disability Resource Center is May 20. Requests received after this date will be considered based on available space, but there is no guarantee. There is a short delay of approximately 2 days between the time you accept your offer of admission and when you can access the housing contract in your myPurdue portal. Therefore, accepting your offer by May 16 should ensure the contract is available to you by May 20.

The application for University Residences, which guarantees a space for new beginners, will remain open until June 5.

New students will have the opportunity to rank their room type preferences and apply within the housing portal.

Learning communities offer opportunities to live, learn and connect with other students who share your interests. If you are interested, May 20 is also the priority deadline to apply for Learning communities. Space is limited and placement announcements are made in early June.

Accept your admission offer. Students admitted before May 1 to begin in the summer term must accept their offer by June 1. Students admitted after May 1 have three weeks (or until the start of the term) to accept. A nonrefundable $500 deposit will be required to accept your offer. The deposit will be applied toward first-semester fees and the housing contract fee (if you contract with University Residences).

Once you accept your offer, you’ll see the New Student Task List in your myPurdue online portal. This is where you can view announcements and check off all of your next steps to ensure a smooth transition to Purdue.

Purdue's Orientation Programs help introduce and connect all new undergraduate students for their university experience. Students admitted to the fall semester complete orientation through the following programs:

Purdue 101 

Purdue 101 is step one in transitioning to Purdue. Purdue 101 is our required online orientation program for all incoming students, completed through Brightspace. Purdue 101 guides students through campus resources and provides information on the course planning process to help you make a strong start at Purdue! You can complete the online module at any pace, but you must complete it before you can meet with your academic advisor. This self-guided orientation module is located online in Brightspace, Purdue's learning management system. Students are automatically enrolled in Purdue 101 in May and after they accept their offer of admission. 

Purdue Welcome

Boiler Gold Rush - BGR

BGR is an orientation program held the week before classes start in August. Purdue encourages all incoming students to take part. Students learn about campus traditions, Purdue culture and University resources, and take valuable steps in being part of the Purdue community. Students can find more information about BGR on their New Student Task List in myPurdue after accepting their admission offer. 

Boiler Gold Rush International (BGRi)

BGRi is a supplemental orientation program that supports the transition, adjustment and acculturation of international students. Students connect with current and incoming international students in ways that ease the transition to life in the United States. Students can find more information about BGRi on their New Student Task List in myPurdue after accepting their admission offer.

A student visa is required for most international students who study in the United States. After accepting your admission offer, the Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) will provide more information about the process to receive your visa eligibility documents (i.e. I-20 or DS 2019). Starting in mid-February and on a rolling basis thereafter, ISS will send the visa process instructions to your @purdue.edu email account 3-5 days after you accept your admission offer.

Prior to course registration, you will be required to demonstrate your ability to succeed in math. SAT and ACT math scores as well as Purdue's ALEKS math assessment are among the resources your academic advisor can use to determine whether you are academically prepared to succeed in the first math course required for your major's plan of study. The Math Department website provides information about the ACT, SAT or ALEKS scores necessary for placement in various math courses.

You may refer to the University Catalog to find your major's plan of study. If your ACT or SAT math score is not high enough for placement in your required math course, you may take the free, online ALEKS assessment (accessible via myPurdue prior to your registration period). Alternatively, you may take a Purdue math course for which your ACT or SAT score qualifies you and that serves as a prerequisite for your required math course.

Fee statements will be sent to your @purdue.edu email address and accessible through myPurdue.

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