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Purdue is a vast laboratory for discovery. The University is known not only for science, technology, engineering, and math programs, but also for our imagination, ingenuity, and innovation. It’s a place where those who seek an education come to make their ideas real — especially when those transformative discoveries lead to scientific, technological, social, or humanitarian impact.

Use the resources below to get to know Purdue and help your students realize their dreams.

Deadlines and Dates - Important dates for admission and scholarship consideration.

Freshman Admission Criteria - Requirements to apply and insight into how we evaluate applications

Freshman Scholarships - Merit-based scholarships

Tuition and Fees - Average student costs

Counselor Update - Get on our mailing list to begin receiving our quarterly newsletter for school counselors.

Upcoming Events - On- and off-campus events for school counselors

Facts on File
  • Ranked 8th in SmartMoney Magazine's college "payback" survey, which quantifies the long-term value of a college education
  • Purdue ranks fourth in preparing students for the workforce
  • 400 study abroad programs
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