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Apply to Purdue  

Future College Freshmen: Apply with the Common Application All other students: Apply with the Purdue application

About 2-3 days after submitting the Common App to Purdue, students will receive an email from the Office of Admissions providing login credentials for their Purdue application so that they can track their status.


For the Common App use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, the current versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Safari 5.1 or higher. JavaScript and cookies must be enabled; pop-up blockers must be disabled. In addition, Adobe Reader 10 or higher is needed to view PDFs.

For the Purdue application (transfer students, etc.) use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher; Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher; or Apple Safari 3.2 or higher. JavaScript must be enabled. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 and 10 may not be fully compatible with the Purdue online application submission process.

Students may have only one active application per term. Students who submit multiple applications for a single term will experience delays in the processing of their application.

The application is scheduled for weekly maintenance on Saturdays, 4 p.m.-midnight Eastern Time. Although maintenance is not necessary every week, the application is unavailable when maintenance is in progress.

Apply Early

Future freshmen: We begin accepting applications on August 1 for enrollment the following calendar year (spring, summer and fall terms). Apply early in your senior year (August-October). To be considered for merit scholarships, the Honors College or admission to Nursing or Veterinary Technology, your application must be COMPLETE by November 1.

Transfer students: Those applying to transfer for the spring term, which begins in January, may begin applying August 1. Transfer students who want to begin in the summer or fall terms may begin applying January 1.

Refer to the application deadlines page and the closed programs page prior to applying. 

Online Application

Future Freshmen:  Apply to Purdue through the Common Application

You will create a username and password to login to the Common App Online, www.commonapp.org, and add Purdue to your My Colleges list to apply. If you have questions about using the Common Application or need assistance, visit the Common App Support Center. The Common App also provides dynamic help on each section of the application.

After you have submitted your Common Application and the Purdue Questions, you will receive a login ID and PIN to access the Purdue application summary and status check via the Admissions website.  Remember your unique login ID and PIN so that you may check the status of your application after submission, view your decision (after it’s been released) and a PDF of your decision letter.

All Other Students:  Apply to Purdue through the Purdue Online Application

When creating a new online application, you will create a login ID and PIN. You must remember your unique login ID and PIN so that you may return to your application, either to finish and submit a saved application or to check the status of your application after submission. You will not be able to reset or retrieve your login or PIN automatically.

If you want a copy of your online application, you must print each section individually prior to submitting the application. Once it is submitted, you cannot print a copy.

Purdue Application Login and PIN

If you have started or submitted an application and have forgotten your Purdue login ID and PIN, you may contact the Office of Admissions, 765-494-1776 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday. You will be required to provide personal identification information.

Completing Your Application

To meet deadlines, applications must be complete, which means all required material has been received. Students should check their online status to determine what items are required to complete the application. Required items will appear as received on your online application summary after the Office of Admissions has received and processed the material. The recorded received date is the actual date material arrives at the Office of Admissions. However, processing could take up to three weeks after the material arrives.

Future freshmen apply to Purdue using the Common Application and must submit the following:

Though not required, a letter of recommendation is strongly recommended, especially for students who want to be considered for scholarships, the Honors College or who are applying to highly competitive programs. 

Transfer students apply to Purdue using the Purdue application and must provide official transcripts from all completed college coursework. In addition, transfer applicants may have to provide official high school transcripts and ACT or SAT test scores.

Admission Decisions

Most students can expect an admission decision about 12 weeks after their application and all required material have been submitted.

Admissions Documents

Some students may be required to download a supplemental form to complete or change an application or to appeal an admission decision. These forms are available online.