Film and Video Studies

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The interdisciplinary film and video studies major is a professionally oriented program with a strong liberal arts foundation. It brings together faculty and courses from the Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures, English, Theatre, and Computer Graphics and Technology as well as from Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP), and the Elliott Hall of Music. The goal of this program is to help prepare students to meet the new challenges they will encounter as citizens and professionals in the information age. The program helps students learn how to analyze, integrate, and apply the theories that form the basis of the film/video discipline.

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Related Career Interests

Visual or Performing Arts

Careers in Film and Video Studies
  • Film critic
  • Television production
  • Production assistant
  • Entertainment careers
  • Many other positions in business/management, not necessarily related to film but able to capitalize on students’ broad-based liberal arts skill set developed in this major
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