College of Science

College of Science
  • 32 distinguished professors
  • Nobel Laureate: Ei-ichi Negishi

No limits

Students don’t come here to play it safe. They come here to change the world. Global warming. Infectious disease. Nanoscience.  At the College of Science you’ll work with fearless scientists who research, collaborate, teach – and make an impact.

From your first year, you’ll take courses in your major and have opportunities to research with dedicated faculty who have an insatiable curiosity and love big ideas.

Science degrees are incredibly versatile and the demand is sizzling in communities, business and around the world.  With the College of Science real-world approach to critical thinking and problem solving you will be ready to invent the future.

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Actuarial Science

Atmospheric Science/Meteorology


Biology - Biochemistry

Biology - Biology Education

Biology - Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology

Biology - Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Sciences

Biology - Genetic Biology

Biology - Health and Disease

Biology - Microbiology

Biology - Neurobiology and Physiology


Chemistry - American Chemical Society

Chemistry - Biochemistry

Chemistry - Chemistry Education

Computer Science

Earth/Space Science Teaching

Environmental Geosciences

Geology and Geophysics


Mathematics Education

Meteorology (See Applied Meteorology and Climatology or Atmospheric Science/Meteorology)


Physics Education

Planetary Sciences

Statistics - Applied Statistics

Statistics with Mathematics Option